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$135 for a printed pullup banner with a stand and bag delivered from Klopache, worth $324

Value $324
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$135 for a printed pullup banner with a stand and bag delivered from Klopache, worth $324


  • Just send through your chosen artwork to Klopache so your banner can advertise, promote or inform others about your business, charity or event
  • The post has two fold out feet at the bottom and a small hook at the top so your sign can be held up and shown off to the crowds
  • Your banner also includes a durable and padded carry bag with a shoulder strap so you can take your banner wherever it needs to go with ease
  • Single-sided and easy to assemble - no walls, tape or staples needed!
  • If you need help creating the design, Klopache offer 15mins free mac time!
  • 2000 x 850mm
  • Delivery included


Expires 22 October 2012. Max purchase: 5. Allow up to 14 days for delivery from date of redemption. Redeem online at

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Have you got something to say, share, advertise or promote? Say it loud and proud with today’s amazing deal!

Whether you’re holding a conference, charity event, school gala, sign up day or party, a little signage can do the world of good. The right sign can draw attention, show people where to go, what to do, what’s going on, what business it is and what message you’re trying to share. A top notch banner can make all the difference.

These stylish pull-up banners are easy to assemble and come with all the bits and pieces you need so your banner can stand alone - no wall, rolls of tape or nails needed! The banner is single-sided, made of a durable canvas fabric and can be put up in a flash. The full banner with stand measures 2000 x 850mm and is extremely lightweight and portable. Just go to their website and drop in the image file of what you want on your banner and they’ll do the rest. Klopache are committed to producing top notch results that you will be proud to show off!

Get your message, business or event across loud and clear with today’s fabulous deal!


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