What is Yazoom?
Each day, Yazoom features unbeatable daily deals on the best things to do, see, eat, visit, and enjoy in your region.

I like today's deal - how do I get it?
Just click "Buy Now" before the deal ends. We’ll charge your card and send you your deal voucher.

Do I need to use my voucher immediately?
No. Most daily deals have an expiry date – so keep an eye on that. You can view your purchased vouchers in the My Vouchers section. Please read the Conditions for your particular deal.

I bought a daily deal – what now?
You’ll receive an email with your voucher (which you can also find in your Yazoom account. Your voucher has all your deal details. Read the conditions in case you need to book for your deal.

Can I buy a daily deal for someone else?
Totally! You can and you should. Our daily deals make awesome gifts! Unless the Conditions state otherwise, gift away generous Yazoomers!

If I don’t use up the voucher at once, can I use the rest later?
No. Unless otherwise stated you won’t receive store credit or cash back for what isn’t used. Bring a friend - share the love, daily deal together!

Can I combine my daily deal with other offers or specials?
No, unless your daily deal specifically states otherwise in the Conditions.

Can I return a daily deal?
If there is a problem with your deal, we always advise you tell the merchant directly. Merchants want to know if they don’t meet your daily deal expectations! Keep us in the loop; call 0800 008 788 and read our Yazoom Commitment.

What happens if my voucher expires?
Even after your deal expires, some of our merchants will redeem vouchers at face value i.e. the price you paid. Call them and see.

I’m buying a daily deal for an occasion, like my birthday, can I insist on a reservation for those days?
Our merchants try to accommodate requests for specific dates. But due to the awesomeness of our daily deals and sheer volume of customers, we can’t guarantee this. Best to call and ask before you buy that deal.

If I have some feedback on a daily deal, can I call you? Every daily deal has a discussion board for questions relating to that particular deal. Our call centre is located here in New Zealand so feel free to call us on 0800 008 788. You can email customercare@yazoom.co.nz.

Do you ever remove posts from a deal discussion board?
We prefer not to. We only remove comments on a daily deal’s discussion board when someone makes personal attacks, uses unacceptable language, or engages in any forms of trolling.

What if the business I bought a daily deal for closes down?
If anything happens that makes it impossible for you to redeem your voucher, we'll get your money back.
Contact us, and let us know what’s going on.

How can my business run a daily deal on Yazoom?
Call 0800 008 788, or leave a note on the Get Featured page.

What’s up with the limited time offers? I want more daily deals!
When you're looking for daily deals, choice can be overwhelming. We focus on a few amazing daily deals, to make things simple for you. Hang out with us for a week, you'll find the perfect daily deal for you.

Where is Yazoom based?
Yazoom's headquarters are in Auckland, but our sales team are stationed all around New Zealand. We love New Zealand and love daily deals, like you.

Is Yazoom safe?
Extremely. No credit card details are ever kept on our web servers at all. Our internal systems are PCI compliant. This means that Visa and MasterCard have approved our technical facilities and our internal systems for the storage of credit card information. That’s why we provide you with the option not to store your credit card details at all.

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