Yazoom is joining Dailydo!

Dailydo.co.nz and Yazoom.co.nz are two of New Zealand’s longest standing group buying deal websites.

Yazoom.co.nz has been operated by Dailydo.co.nz since 2011, and now we are bringing the two sites together to deliver you the best daily deals available.

The merge will happen next Wednesday (26th August), but you don't need to do anything. Your login details will work on Dailydo.co.nz - all of your Yazoom purchases and any gift credit will be transferred too.

If you already have an account with the same email address on Dailydo.co.nz then all of your Yazoom purchases will be placed into that account. If you have forgotten your Dailydo password, click here to reset it.

Your deal emails will be coming from theteam@dailydo.co.nz - so it would be a good idea to whitelist that email address. On Dailydo, new deals start each day at 9am, rather than midnight.

If you check our deals on a phone or tablet, then you can enjoy the Dailydo app by downloading it to your Apple or Android device.

Dailydo App on the Apple App Store. Dailydo App on the Google Play Store.

If you use Facebook Connect to login to your Yazoom account, then you will need to reconnect through Facebook again the first time you log into Dailydo.

The Dailydo.co.nz terms & conditions and privacy policy are the same as on Yazoom.co.nz and can be viewed here.

We anticipate the merge will go smoothly, but if you have any queries then please contact us on customercare@yazoom.co.nz

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